We can lose track of it, never have enough of it, even have too much of it on our hands.

Really, it is all there is, never ending raindrops on a windshield.

I use my time to head out into the wilderness, to a place I first saw two years ago.

My how time flies.

Dark thunderclouds are in the distance, so I take my time to find a ridge to set up camp in case flash floods decide to redesign the landscape. A simple tent to keep out the rain and poisonous thoughts.

As clouds pass by in the cool afternoon breeze, I wonder about the connectedness of man throughout time. Not just the men of the last one hundred years that sat on this very landscape, but human beings going back thousands of years. American Indians and before that, the hunters and gatherers of the Old World.

The past had no concept of time as we perceive it today. Rising with the sun in the morning, waiting for it to return during the long, dark night. Searching for meaning in the stars and heavens above.

I am alone out here, disconnected from the modern world. Savoring the quiet and freedom that comes from Nature, the only sounds are the scampering of wild rabbits, the mournful scream of a mountain lion, and the pages of my mind turning with new possibilities.

The rain brings rejuvenation to both myself and everything that calls Losee Canyon home.

just in time…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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