As 2021 comes closer to its inevitable end, I find myself back in Joshua Tree. Halloween weekend it is as I rumble up to the door of the homestead I’ll be staying in over the next couple of days. A wave of calm rushes over me.

No set schedule out here. I wander into the desert when the urge calls out. I don’t need to spend a set amount of time on the trail or in a National park to make my journey out here feel complete or with purpose.

Watching quails forage for food while the sun rises and warms up the ground gives me immense satisfaction. A lone coyote wanders into my view later in the afternoon as the sun continues on its journey around the globe. He watches me with keen interest before carrying on with his goal of getting a drink of water.

Cotton candy skies lead to a plethora of brilliant stars throughout the night. A million shining lights open up the endless possibilities out in the Universe. I try to capture this through time lapses. I hope one day to see something truly out of this world.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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