So i put my mind to it. Finally. Threw Old Haas into the back of the civic early Saturday morning, and ventured out to a bike trail I’ve been wanting to ride for years.
Made it to the start of the trail (at least for me) in Coalville….
I’m not sure how far the trail goes. A couple of years ago I went towards Echo lake from Coalville. Nice ride around the lake. This time though, i headed the opposite direction, towards Hoytsville, wanship, and eventually Park City….

This was as far as my legs could go this ride. Past Wanship a few miles. Somewhere in the canyon between Rockport and Park City. Beautiful country…

Time for a water break, and lunch…

Got caught in a rainstorm on the way back down. Found this shelter during the worst of it.

But the storm gave me time to relax, reflect, and enjoy my surroundings.

Did find this quaint little bridge…

So the trail may not be technically difficult, it has a great gradual incline, which lends to an awesome descent. Good for the ole heart, and me muscles in me legs are twitchy!

All in all, a fantastic ride

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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