As we got closer to our destination, the electricity in the air was causing goosebumps to form and tiny hair to stand on end. The mist from the Falls was mesmerizing in the blue Zambian sky.

We exit our taxi and walk up to the sign greeting those visitors to the Falls. One by one, baboons come out of the bushes and trees to meet the newcomers.

Only in Africa…..but the baboons are for another story. It was time to explore “the smoke that thunders…”

We started by walking along a trail head that would give one a broad view of the Falls, the canyon and the bridge connecting Zambia to Zimbabwe. The deep canyon walls, covered in rainforest growth, are spectacular.

We can hear the water pounding more than we can see it from our current vantage point. This soon will change though as we make our way back to the heart of Victoria Falls for one unbelievably spiritual and uplifting experience……

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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