I remember the phone call as clearly as any unforgettable memory.

“Do you have a passport?”
” Well then silly you need to get one! I want to leave in a month!”
“Where are we going?”
” Oh…I don’t know, how about Prague?”
“Hell yeah sis! I’ll have my passport for that, are you kidding me?”
“Sweet apples brother!”

That conversation happened in November 2003. I was living in Cottonwood, Arizona, trying to make something out of a shattered life.
My sister was back home, on her way in a promising career. We both had nothing holding us back.
Yet we never went before she died.


I’ve now been in the city of 1,000 spires for a couple of days. It took ten years, but I promised myself that I would come to the place we both dreamed about.
I have her spirit with me as I do things that we would have done together. This is what drives me onward, carries my soul from place to place in this world.
She may be gone, but her free spirit has taken hold of me, continually transforming my persona, challenging me in unexpected ways.

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