As the end of August nears, Em, Janae, and I ventured back to Red Butte. This night was featuring Corinne Bailey Rae and little slice of heaven Nora Jones. We were pretty excited.

We, as any true fan, arrived early in the heat to wait in line for a good lawn spot in the amphitheatre.Janae lent me her Oprah magazine to read a very disturbing ( if true, which I’m sure it is) article about the Gulf Oil Spill. Those two found it quite funny that I was reading O.

I jest, of course. Corinne came on stage first, setting the tone of the evening perfectly. She was laid back, with an easy going, free flowing voice that whisked you into her world.

I mean, just check out this reggae diddy that she put her own spin on. So freaking creative.
After Corinne’s set, the stage was set for the main act, Nora Jones. I hadn’t a chance to listen to her new album before the show, so it was a real treat to hear her new stuff live for the first time. She is simply amazing.
I just love the red dress.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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