the future model. posing by the Elk

At the Yellowstone river

Sydney hanging out with Uncle Aaron at Old Faithful, making the best of a rainy day….


  1. I just got back from spending a week up in Island Park, Idaho (just outside of West yellowstone, MT)I was there for an extended family reunion. I was hard since this was the last place my family remembers as being on vacation with trudi. i hope it was carthatic for most even if it was difficult. We must face the future, not dream of the past. Seeing all of the aunt’s and uncles helps me understand myself. Aunt Kay is always so sweet, and everyone always had such interesting things to say about their life at different times in their life. i love hearing their stories. Spending time with jared’s family is awesome. My niece and nephew are so cute! The memories up in Yellowstone with them are the best as i hope these pictures show.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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