Whenever I hear of a fundraiser/cause that is for something that I believe in, and also stems from a personal tragedy or hardship, I am particularily interested. I know, from our family’s own personal loss, that one way to help deal with your grief is to give back to others thru charity and goodwill.

So I would like to introduce you to “Zach’s Box” . Back in July 2008, a co-worker of mine received the call from a hospital in NYC that their oldest son had overdosed on heroin and would most likely not recover. Zach was in his early 20’s ( I forget exactly how old, but no older than 22) and had been having problems with drugs and alcohol since his teenage years, and had left home to be homeless, traveling our countryside. His parents spoke to Zach periodically on the phone, but hadn’t seen him in quite awhile, and had no idea he was in NYC. The left SLC immediately, and after 7 days ( something no one should ever have to go thru) they took Zach off life support.

As tragic as this story is, Zach’s parents want to do something in memory of their son. “Zach’s Box” collects much needed items each December, and donates them to a local homeless shelter here in the Salt lake valley.

Here is their poster for this year :

In memory of Zach Mathews


Zach’s Box

Please help us by donating warm coats, hats, mittens and/or hygiene kits for the homeless people of Salt Lake.

Please drop off all items at the office ( 450 South 400 East, Suite 200, Bountful) by December 11th or Jeff Mathews house at 464 Cynthia Way, North Salt Lake by the 12th

List of hygiene items needed for the kit….
All-in-one shampoo


Tooth brushes
Hair brushes
Kleenex (travel size)
Bar of soap
Call Jeff at 801-554-6219
Jane 801-809-0400
Or Abby 801-928-1032
Thank you for your support

I admire how they support the shelter, a place similiar to one’s they know their son spent much time in. I told my ‘rents about this, and was ecstatic when they agreed that Trudi had plenty of coats, sweaters, etc… to give to this project, as well as some coats of Mom’s. I also had plenty of stuff for Hygiene kits thanks to my many travels to hotels.

Soap, shampoo, lotion etc…(above) and coats, sweaters, vests galore ( below)

I am proud that we could do our part to help with Zach’s Box, and help the Mathew’s family this holiday season. If anyone would like to donate, the info is provided above, or just let me know.Thanks!


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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