Believe me or not, but I had no idea where Croatia was until I was in London catching my flight to this country. My friends planned the entire trip themselves, me just a willing participant in the adventure. It left me with no preconceived notions, and thus enhanced the experience ten fold.


Grabbing a taxi from the airport to take us to our hotel, I noticed the large, billowing clouds in the blue sky. Clouds that seemed larger, fluffier even, than I’d laid eyes on before. I loved the clouds of Croatia.

Our hotel was a few miles from Old Town and the city centre. Perfect for us to stretch our tired legs and see this town like a local, with wonderful surprises around every corner.

Ready for some dinner, we mull over various menus and atmosphere, deciding on a little place up an alley. “More food, more wine!”  became our mantra.

After dinner, we explore more, finding old world charm akin to the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Gothic cathedrals and cottages from yesterday tickle our fancy. Stone staircases and weathered window panes.

Zagreb was the perfect starting point to explore the wonders of this special country.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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