Last weekend jared and Em needed some time to get X-mas shopping done, so i volunteered to have their kids over to my house for the weekend. Now don’t get me wrong, i love my niece and nephew to death, and would do anything for them, but i was more than a little surprised at myself to find how much this weekend completely exhausted me. Physically and mentally. Surprising because i’ve had more than my share of times with kids, but it appears that the older i get, the less…..(what is the word i’m looking for?)….suffice it to say, i was more than happy to get them back to their parents. nothing to do with them, more to do with my stage in life, I’m sure. Interesting to learn that about me. Anyway, we did have a good weekend filled with all kinds of fun and memories….
It was a great day Sunday, albeit chilly, so we went on a stroll around the neighborhood and found this little park to play in. C-bug and Sydney had a blast….

To those who may not be aware. Cedar loves music, and it is the cutest thing to hear him ask for “IPOD”. i couldn’t resist getting him all decked out in headphones so he could enjoy “Abbey Road”, the complete album, by the Beatles. might as well start him off on the right foot when they are young, eh?
Since i am always wearing beanies during the winter, they needed to have them as well. Not a problem, i had plenty. Sydney wanted to show some love for her little brother.
Saturday night i took them up into the Bountiful hills to see Christmas lights. Sydney loved going up the steep hills, and saw some fantastic sights. Cedar enjoyed it as well for about 15 minutes, then it was lights out. It had more to do with the fact that he was stuffed from dinner as he went to town on all the food, eating more of my dinner consisting of Tandoori Halibut, Coucous, and Garlic naan, as well as their dinner (Pepperoni Pizza and Cinnasticks)
Sunday morning i threw these two monkeys into the bath. Cedar and syd were too funny, as Cedar was using Syd’s bum as a pillow…..
Sometime over the weekend, i just needed them to chill out so i could get some things accomplished ( i have no idea how parents get anything done with children around), but they were more than happy to chill and watch holiday movies. Mr. Magorium’s magical Emporium was at the top of the list. Aaron and I helped them make a cool bed and we all enjoyed this show…

I also want to include this cute video of Cedar running. He is so funny ,and i hope when he gets older, he’ll appreciate it. Although the weekend exhausted me, i wouldn’t trade this time for anything 🙂

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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