Yesterday was Syd’s Christmas dance program. The whole family was planning on attending, but the weather was more than a little frightful, with a huge snowstorm blowing in from the north, dumping copius amounts of snow over then entire wasatch front, making driving very, very tretcherous indeed. Dad had also left his cell phone at home, so Mom was incommunicado with him. She wanted to make sure he got home Ok and wasn’t feeling ambitious enough to drive in the weather, so they weren’t able to make it. I thought Darin and Janae would try to come ,but the weather also wrecked havoc on their plans to make it as well. Ready Forlove got stuck in traffic on his way home from work, and I just missed him, but he at least was able to go to a party to try and change his Facebook name. My friend Tal wanted to go, and I was planning on picking him up, but I was more than a little nervous to head out in the snow in my little Honda, not knowing how it would do since this was the first winter I’d had it. With the snow still coming down in buckets at 430 PM, I cancelled with Tal and let Jared know we all wouldn’t be able to make it. He completely understood, I was disappointed, but watcha gonna do?

At 535 pm i looked outside and for the first time in about 6-7 hours I saw clear skies, so i thought what the heidi-ho and texted Tal that i was coming to pick him up to go. I got my car all of two blocks from my house and it started snowing as strong as ever. But I was already driving so let the adventure begin….

Long story short, I white knuckled my way to Cottonwood High with Tal as my passenger support system, and we made it to the recital. We all had a good time (some interesting music mixes and costumes on some of the dancers, but who am I to judge?) and then headed to Hires afterwards for famous Root Beer Floats and discussions of Fry sauce in places other than Utah…

I was able to capture Sydney’s two performances down below for all to see that were unable to make it. She did great, so enjoy!
This is the stage with the entire dance group and good Ole Saint Nick.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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