Everyone goes through stages in life, new pictures, the first time around, but my nature just changes.

I don’t want to be a visual thing. I’m aware of what is going down.

I have a stupid tendency to hold back from my own desires. Everyone should have a room where they can get rid of their releases.

I’m thinking too fast, I get bored when I can’t carry out ideas.

It’s hard to know what people want around here. If I let it bother me, I won’t be around anymore.

The idea is to kick all the negative vibes, the bad energy, and only focus on what is good. Positive, you know? That’s exactly what I want to do.

All I write is what I feel, naked almost, then I play. I enjoy it. But don’t put me in one corner, I like to fool around. As long as I turn people on.

When things get too heavy just call me helium, the lightest gas known to man. The solution.

Music is always a reflection of the world, less words more meaning. Change reality. I’d like more color in the streets. Bring new ideas into the open for the human race.

Seems like you need to be a freak to be noticed.

I’m just singing the blues, today’s blues. It all comes out in the music. Pass it on to the young and the old. But I find myself in too much of a box.

I have no regrets about the past, I’m a mad scientist. Damn, where was my head at when I said those things? Excuse me while I go into strange areas. I write with a clash between reality and fantasy.

The Valleys of Neptune are rising. Dreams come from different moods. I want to respect my own judgments.

If I had the proper timing, I’d make every step a mixture of the past and today. Color and sound to jingle out your nerves.

Festivals are up to the people, if they want to get them going, keep them going. Mingle around. That is groovy.

I dig the concept of free concerts, we have time, there’s no big rush. There is no reason why we can’t do free concerts. As long as we have enough to cover our expenses.

I don’t want to live luxuriously. I’m thinking of something like a tent, overhanging a mountain stream….

Born November 27, 1942
Died September 18th, 1970

Since I first heard one of his songs on the radio, I’ve been hooked. Today I headed up for peace and solitude in a canyon, listening to Band of Gypsies, Jimi’s last album before he died.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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