“a brontosaurus”
“and that one there?”
“a whole row of planes…”
A simple conversation between a boy and his father, describing the rock formations in front of us as we looked over Roxborough State Park.

The pristine park nestled just outside the metro area of Denver, Colorado, was my first stop for the weekend. I was ready for a day of hiking and exploring. I as arrived, three young bucks bounded in front of me, seemingly unaware of my presence. With water bottle full and nerves steadied for the full possibility of rattlers, away I went.

Serenity embraces me, solitude comforts my tired shoulders. Gigantic rock formations look over my small frame in the vastness, like guardians of an ancient world here to keep me safe.

With the passing morning, temperatures rise. I decide to head to cooler climates, and venture up the six mile Carpenter trail.Signs warn of cougars and black bear, but I only encounter deer rustling in the brush, and hawks circling overhead for a meal. I stop to listen to grasshoppers working in the fields, a bee loudly humming it’s tune.

I make it to the peak, and lay in the dirt, cloudbursting different shapes whilst soaking in the sun and enjoying the cool breeze.
Coming back down, I see a bumblebee making love to a sunflower. The image I capture warms this heart…

and sets the perfect frame of mind for things to come…

One Reply to “a day at the Roxborough”

  1. Great photos and descriptions!
    I'm hoping to do a trip out to Colorado/Montana/Utah later this year, and you've really given me some incentive. =)

    Also, thanks for adding me to your list of “Writings by others”, I appreciate it. Now that I've found your blog, I'll be adding you to my list of favorites on my blog.


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