I always try to remember the little things in life. Events like going to the Utah spring Red & White scrimmage game in April with our tailgating friends. This year we had Norm Chow over for some food, and most of the guys were able to wear a superbowl ring from a former NFL coach that was a friend of Norm and Hirschi’s.

Hanging with everyone in the Spring makes me hunger for the season to get here, and it would seem as though crazylegs feels the same way…

In May we celebrated Mother’s Day over at the ‘rents house. Pa went all out, and the boys made a feast of gigantic lobster tails, BBQ’d steak, corn on the cob, salad, etc…
Some of our clan however only likes to eat corn off the cob, and although it pains me to no end to watch them massacre corn, to each their own. Cbug is the latest one to follow this truly tragic way to eat corn.

taking a knife and cutting the corn from the cob.
This spring Cbug also started t-ball. He is already a natural baseball player, good on both offense and defense. He loves to play first base, and has quite an arm for five years old.

And finally, with warmer temperatures comes trips up to the Fruitland cabin. The first few trips always involve Spring cleaning from the long winter. Cbug was thrilled to find a dead bird inside the wood stove, but was equally happy playing in the sand with new toys I gave him.

They are all little things, but they are what makes up a family affair.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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