a peaceful evening in an unsuspecting place.

My time in Rochester was short but certainly memorable. My last evening found me sitting on the still Genesse river waters, with the golden glow of a city building gleaming over the trees across the river bank, with the setting sun painting the sky in brilliant pink and purple colors.

As I’m enjoying this, a lovely woman of Middle Eastern descent quietly comes up to me to see if the abandoned bike a few yards away was mine, as she didn’t want it stolen since it wasn’t locked up.

I smile warmly and let her know it’s not mine. She carries on down the river walk as I turn back to watch either small birds or perhaps little bats fly above the water, their tiny reflections captured perfectly.

From the friendly people to the quaint buildings, I look forward to returning here, no doubt about it!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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