Bugs find an end to their short life as they splat on the windshield of my car. No matter as I squirt washer fluid, smear the little carcasses everywhere, and continue driving onward.

It’s the colour of the leaves against mighty mountain peaks that have my full attention here.

In between hiking previously unexplored trails and picnicking in open meadows, my arm is outstretched to see the open road from a new perspective.

Many say that too much is shared on Social Media, that we humans demean life by capturing every little event.

I offer a different viewpoint. I see the world in new light, where technology lets us share this earth in wonderful and unique ways. We can then express what we see to others.

It is up to us what we view, and how we perceive it. Today I offer a visual assault of passing through Fall colours in a whirlwind, white aspen trees lined up like thousands of skinny soldiers on a battlefield with the commandeering mountaintops as their General.

Being photobombed by a noisy squirrel

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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