According to the African Culture, when a baby is born the father and the mother shave off all their hair as a symbol to show that they have conquered or have been relieved of a heavy burden.


There are three wild animals signifying that the African live in the bush with these animals. The three Wiseman are represented by African seers, they wear headdresses and each is carrying a club and a spear.

The two shepherds are represented by the warriors of the African village. Each is carrying a shield and a spear. They protect the village and herds from predators.

The beautiful lady is Mary who apart from wearing a beautiful necklace is also carrying a gourd filled with milk to feed the baby Jesus.



Joseph also carries a club and spear as a symbol of his duty to protect his sacred family.


The angel is represented by a African messenger who wears a feather on his head.
 May the season bring peace and comfort to you and the ones you love.


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