Time to shift my latitude a few degrees from the Mogollon Rim down to the Vortex. November is the start of prime hiking in Sedona, and for my first hike of the new season I go to a trail recommended by a fellow blogger, the Airport loop vortex.

Located just up from the middle of town, I wondered if peace and solitude could be found on such a trail. Instagrammers of all ages are pretending to meditate on the smooth stones found only a few steps from the beginning of this trail, taking selfies and forging hearts from inverted hand gestures.

I leave them quickly and start circling the airport mesa, letting the views calm my own spirit.

The trail isn’t long at all, with decent 360 views and connections to many other trails. I could have kept going, but instead decide to back up to the summit to see if the instagrammers are gone.

I want to get in some meditation myself.

The parade of people trying to get that perfect picture is endless. I make my way to an outcropping of stone off the main trail, cross my legs into a stretching pose that pulls ever so gently on my hamstrings, and listen to the sounds of silence in my head.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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