Back in his hometown of Izhevsk in the Soviet Union, Andrei Kirilenko dreamt of one day playing professional basketball, hopeful to make it to the NBA. As with most players, he had a jersey number that he preferred. Growing up in Russia, his lucky number was thirteen.

When he was drafted by the Utah Jazz, that number was already being used by another player. Disappointed, Andrei was forced to choose another number for his jersey. Andrei was becoming known for his excellent ball handling and shooting skills, and a fellow team mate suggested that he pick the number 47.

Andrei wasn’t sure about this number at first, until it was explained to him that with his initials, he had a new nickname, AK-47. Andrei thought it wasn’t too bad of an idea.

Doing a little research on the history of the automatic assault rifle, it was discovered that the gun was developed by a gentleman by the name of Mikhail Kalashnikov, from Andrei’s own hometown in Russia.

One wonders if this is just a mere coincidence, a happenstance of chance as they say…

or is it something more?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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