Aravaipa Farms Orchard & Inn

Up and over the rockslide I go, tumbling slowly down the dirt road towards my resting place for a couple of days, the Aravaipa Farms Orchard & Inn. The adrenaline coursing through my veins is masking the pain, yet I fear what may lie in wait once the adrenaline wears off. The rains have abated as I pull up to the gate.

I chose to stay here due to it only being a couple of miles down the canyon road from the trailhead, as well as it being a working farm that serves the food that it grows. Self sustaining and organic. I pull up and meet the father of the family, who then takes me inside to meet his lovely daughter. She gets me settled into my treehouse casita, then leaves me be. I brought my own food and drink so that I could rest and be socially distant without any distractions.

The pains starts in again as I am carrying in my cooler of food, causing me to double over and almost pass out. My plan to hike more of this area gets quashed. My only medicine is whiskey, so I pour myself a glass, grab my book, and set up on the porch, a cripple that will watch the world go by as he tries to heal.

Although it is the dog days of summer, the canyon is just high enough in elevation to be pleasantly cool outside. Rabbits hop all around me, toads come out at night, and all manner of beautiful birds sing their songs in the trees above. I can feel a smile creeping upon my face through the pain.

Sleep does not come easily though. I try to walk through the orchard, hoping that movement will help my body heal. Breathing continues to be labored, and I contemplate leaving early and heading to a hospital.

I take another sip of whiskey and decide to ride it out at the farm. I’ve found that Nature heals me more often that western medicine. I try to let the beauty of the skies and the setting sun boost my spirits as well as heal my aching form.

Eventually Sunday morning rolls around, and I realize that I need to get home to the creature comforts I have there. I’m still hopeful that with each passing day the pain will lessen as my body naturally heals itself, although these last couple of days at the farm did little in that regard.

I do hope to return to the Farm one day so that I can fully immerse myself it all that they have to offer, but for now, my only focus is on staying alive.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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