Weaving along the wooded country roads of Cape Cod and the small towns that mark the beginnings of America. Trying to finding Woods Hole and the harbor this morning, as I have a boat to board.

Destination : Martha’s Vineyard.

I get the car loaded onto the ship, and about an hour later, I disembark onto this famed Island, the vacation retreat of past President’s, famous celebrities, and notable literary figures. I have all day to explore, so I just start driving….

I end up at the Gay Head lighthouse. Covid still has many of the shops and restaurants closed, but no virus can stop one from taking in the views. The Aquinnah clay cliffs are also located out here, and after a spell I find a trail that will take me down to Moshup beach where I can walk in the sand to get better views of these infamous cliffs as well as feel the ocean spray.

I find, to my surprise and delight, that Moshup beach is a clothing optional beach. It seems to me that only the island locals are the ones letting it all hang and swing freely in the open air. Retired couples in the nude, young men taking in some sun, a lone hippie skinny dipping.

This type of freedom has me sheepishly grinning. I walk along and nod hello to the nudists. Yes, Martha’s Vineyard is my kind of place.

Back on the road I am, trying to find a grocery store to get food and drink. I end up over by the airport, but Martha’s Vineyard is relatively small so the journey isn’t a long one.

Late afternoon arrives and I can check in to my cottage rental for the next few days in the lovely town of Menucha.

An amazing sunset treats me well on my first night in the cottage. The temperature dips so I start a small fire and open my book. I pull a blanket close to my chin and melt into island life easily.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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