The time between visits back to Utah seems to get longer and longer. I’m settling in to a good life here in Arizona, and traveling back just gets harder.

The last time I was in Utah was for our family Christmas party last year and the Celebration of Life for my Uncle Gene that lost his hard fought battle with cancer at the age of 90 something….

So this past weekend I get inundated with love.
 Saturday we have a bbq at my youngest brothers house, complete with games of corn hole, yard Yahtzee, and card games. I lay on sweet cut grass with overcast skies above me keeping the temperatures perfect.

I jiggle my youngest niece’s belly roll for an eternity as she laughs and laughs at me with stunningly blue eyes.
 Sunday finds myself at another brothers house for a taco bar, and more quality family time as we celebrate a couple late birthday’s. I hug my parents a little longer than normal, and hear about Flooey’s upcoming song recital she has at school.
“Have you heard of the song “someday” by Michael Buble?”

I haven’t, but to hear her sing it fills my soul to the brim with sunshine. This video is dedicated to you, sweet Flooey.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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