It’s a couple of weeks before Christmas. The morning air in Tucson has a definite desert chill to it. I turn up the heat in my truck as I make my way back to Sabino Canyon.

Initially I wanted to just walk up the canyon road, then see how I felt before wagering about continuing onward up a dirt trail and deeper into the canyon. At the end of the road I see a map which shows me that I can do a loop from Sabino Canyon, cross over via the infamous Arizona Trail, and then connect to Bear Canyon, upon which I can descend back down to the parking lot.

It would be a twenty mile journey however. I have some concerns about the length, especially with my declining health, but another part of me (the one that listens more to my heart than reason) tells me to push forward.

and so I do….

It was grueling, lonesome and epic. Nary a soul in sight the entire eight plus hours I was out on the trail.

The endorphin highs that come with epic vista views though carried me throughout the journey. Seeing the epic desert landscape from the top of a mountain range is my valhalla.

I’ve got eight months to go until my life changing hike in Scotland. Today’s hike helped my confidence, knowing that if I finished this 20 miler, in one day, that I can also complete my three week adventure as well.

At least that is my hope, my goal, dare I say my life statement.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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