At the University of Utah’s college football opener last week, our tailgating group was in full swing. As we were sitting enjoying our beverages and food in the warm afternoon sun, I see a pink old style ice cream truck drive by.

My friend T yells out “hey cupcake guy!” and tries to flag him over to us. He indicates that traffic won’t let him over, and she yells back to circle the block and come around again.

“Good luck with that” I think to myself, but wouldn’t you know it, eventually he comes back around and pulls right up to our group. I’ve didn’t even know the SLC had a cupcake truck that delivers, so I went over to check it out…

He had all kinds of unique flavors : Key lime pie, special University of Utah cupcakes, and many, many others. But there was one that stood out from all the rest, the bacon cupcake.

With strips of bacon right on top, me and my brother had to try it out…

 Who knew? Bacon cupcakes are the best! Thank you S.L.C. cupcake delivery guy.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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