As far as coastlines go, one is hard pressed to beat the beauty you will find along Central California’s Highway 1 and Big Sur. From hiking the hills above the Pacific to exploring the crags and rocky coves down by the seashore, it’s one amazing stretch of the earth.

It’s early morning when my drive starts at Carmel. The fog is still fairly thick, creating a moody presence as I make way my to the ocean for some yoga and seaside meditation.

Bridges capture my fancy as I make my way further south, particularly Bixby creek bridge that was constructed in 1932. The architecture is mesmerizing, not to mention the view from both sides.

As the day is progressing, the fog is lifted and a sunny day unfolds. A trail calls my name that winds it’s way down to the Pacific. The tide is coming in, and the oncoming waves are violently crashing upon the shore. It creates a thunderous game of chicken as I try not to get soaked from the incoming tide. I fail in glorious fashion, and revel in every wet minute.

Viewpoints are everywhere, creating the perfect moment for lovers to capture themselves in an embrace, families to photograph that lasting vacation memory, or for those less concerned, a solitary moment of peace.

As the day nears its end, I find myself at Pfeiffer, a camping heaven with one sweet trail that overlooks the only beach waterfall along this stretch of road.. You can see a group of people on the beach down below, carving a giant heart into the sand. I find it perfectly captures the feeling one has in this place.

All stresses melt like butter left out to soften. The symphonic crashing of waves ease your perceived burdens and make you realize that all that is important is found here, in you…

in this moment.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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