As one approaches the sea, you can hear the loud, deafening roar closing in.

Not the sound of crashing waves, it’s much more barbaric. It’s Nature in it’s most primal, male elephant seals fighting for dominance and their choice of mating partners. The young lay in silence, frightened but watching and learning from their elders. You see the survivalist instinct unfold, and it’s incredible.

Not all are fighting for seniority to be atop the seal throne though. Young adults find more pleasure in surfing with the ocean waves, letting the spray crash upon their smooth back.

Females seem to simply ignore the show the males are putting on, more concerned with basking on the warm sand. Typical behavior…..

It’s a community as vibrant and full of life as any other. From the largest and loudest to infants that fully rely on others for protection and food, the Elephant Seal Vista gives us humans a fantastic opportunity to observe these wonderful creatures.

Enjoy the majesty of 7,500 elephant seals.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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