Across the country I go in October, first from a plane, then to a car which gets me to my final destination, the Biltmore Estate. The beauty of the Carolina mountains has me salivating for some outdoor time, yet little did I know what that would all entail as I checked into my hotel.

I walk along a stone path enjoying the magic of this place when I stumble upon an old barn that has been converted into an outdoor recreational center where one can rent all kinds of outdoor fun. The fat tires of the hanging mountain bikes call to my soul in a deep and profound way. After a quick tutorial of the area, I’m rollicking down a single track path.

Fields full of the last of the Autumn harvest to my right, the lazy moving river is to my left. Mile after glorious mile I ride, soaking in the sunshine and the sweat. I find that the trail turns uphill, and slowly climb the mountain. I jump over a den of snakes that are soaking up the sunshine. I wave to a couple of girls horseback riding the trail.

I rest and rehydrate at an old wooden bridge in the middle of nowhere.

I come to a reflecting pond that showcases the Biltmore house in the late afternoon sun. I eventually come to the house itself, a magnificent building that is the crown jewel of the area.

Certainly mountain biking was not part of any plan I originally had while here, but the pure joy that came from riding the single track trail on the Biltmore Estate was a perfect way to see the magic of this very special place.

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