Biking with Bears

I wake up to a perfect June day around Lake Tahoe. The blue skies and warm temperatures are just calling for a bike ride. I find a rental shop that has exactly what I need, and next thing I know I am rolling along the Tahoe trail.

The roar of the river fills my ears with the sounds of people floating downstream. I whisk past fishermen and couples holding hands as they get in their morning walk. Deer dart to and fro in the forest. The Lake is truly alive with activity on this Saturday.

The entire trail covers 50 miles, but due to construction I can only do about 27, which is a lofty enough goal for me. I feel healthy, strong, and determined as I pedal onward, letting my leg muscles carry me forward through the trees.

I reach the end in record time (for me) and stop to get a drink and just take in the scenic beauty when I see movement in the forest. Unbelievably, a single bear is foraging about for food.

He pays me no mind, as I’m sure he is focused on more important things after his long winter. I quietly watch him from afar.

The wonders of the wild never cease to amaze me.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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