We build a bond as we head outside, I constantly rub his neck, and talk softly to my horse as we go, giving him words of encouragement. We go along the black sand beach, watching the puffins circle en mass above us, diving in and out of the holes in the cliffs along the ocean’s edge.

After a spell the tour takes a break for photo opportunities for each rider. I take this time to build my relationship with my horse, waiting for my turn to have a picture taken.

We then gallop back along the beach to the stables, which was a rush. The salty ocean breeze in my nostrils, mixed with the animal scent and the sounds of the puffins above made the morning feel more like a dream.

What a great start to another epic day along Iceland’s Ring Road. What else could day seven have in store for me?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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