Borrego Springs

I step out of the vintage trailer and over to the tiki bar, grab a cold Guinness and marvel at the sky. Two different cloud formations are in battle above me, creating an end of the world aura out here in Borrego Springs.

I sit and feel the world turn.
Stillness is almost palpable out here. It’s only April, but in the desert the pool calls my name. I float lazily for hours under the afternoon sun. An older gent enters, gives me a nod of the head, then drops his drawers and gets in the hot tub.

The image of his shaggy bottom makes me laugh. You truly do have a special kind of freedom out here.
I have time-lapse cameras set up everywhere to catch the weather from different angles, waiting for the night to come and the Milky Way to appear.
Late into the night it is as I watch the galaxy reveal itself. I can’t help but acknowledge my meager existence in this universe. Some say it’s importance to realize your own worth in this world. I think it’s just as important to recognize your own insignificance.

There is a special kind of peace in that fact.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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