Brins Mesa

It is the first week of August, and I am finishing up another travel week of work here in Sedona. I stay over Friday night to rise, once again, at 5 a.m. to do another early morning hike.

Brins Mesa. This trail connects with several others out here, and by using topography and GPS, I make a loop out of this trail, weaving up and over rocky mountain peaks and sweeping vistas. It is a perfect trail for me to continue to work on breaking in my new hiking shoes, as well as my backpack.

Both items were just purchased for my major hiking adventure in a couple of weeks in the United Kingdom. I am anxious as hell about it, but find that hiking out here and just focusing on the task at hand helps. Each step makes my shoes feel more comfortable, and the pack on my back fits like a glove.

My spirits are high as I bob and weave through the high desert. I take off my shirt, down liter after liter of water, and move effortlessly along the red rock trails.

Nine miles later I find my way back to the trailhead. As I am putting my gear away into the car, I realize that this will be my last time hiking before I leave. I am not feeling necessarily prepared physically, but mentally I think I am ready.

Brins Mesa served its purpose.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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