Broadway to Siphon Draw

Winter time in the desert lets me sleep in an extra hour or so longer than I would during the summer months. The sun takes it’s time creeping over the horizon.

Once the sun starts to illuminate the valley, I start hiking the familiar territory. This morning starts along the Broadway trail, following the Superstition mountains until I hope to come to the convergence of the Siphon trailhead.

By mid-morning clouds are forming in the sky, turning the day into my favorite kind of picturesque landscape. As per usual, folks are few and far between out here. Only the sound of hawks flying low overhead as they hope to spot a meal scurrying about on the desert floor.

I reach my destination, only to quickly turn around and start the trek back. Sometimes I wonder what my purpose is out here…..

Not exercise really, although I do appreciate the body movement. Relief from stress perhaps? Maybe, but that is always a short lived and seemingly unattainable goal…

In all honesty, I’m just looking to pass the time. Depending upon where one may be in their life, you may want time to slow down, or speed up. I’m just looking for ways to fill the time I have without going mad.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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