The morning started in town, viewing a couple getting their wedding photo’s taken at Cameron Falls in Waterton. As I watched, my eyes wandered to the left towards a sign with a trail head marking the starting point to Cameron’s Glacier, 5.8 miles ahead.

With my pack ready and strapped to me, I left the happy couple to start my own solo adventure, destination unknown….

The temperature is chilly, but the start of the trek is extremely vertical, and the sweat rolls from my brow in buckets, cooling off in the morning air. After a mile straight up, the trail levels out to a spectacular view of Waterton below.

The peaks protect and guide me through the forest, my thoughts are my companion mile after mile. In the mid afternoon I arrive to the glacier.

Others strip their sweaty clothes and swim in the glacial waters of the lake. Some rent kayaks and row upon the clear waters. I find a secluded spot along the shore to rest in the warmth of the sun.

Pages of a book turn til completion, my body is refreshed from the peace and quiet here. I take one last, long look at my surroundings, then make my way back down in the quickly diminishing evening light.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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