I can see the visually colorful displays from across the street in the Polanco district of Mexico City, and navigate my way for a closer look.

The sign says “Campo Militar”, and no sooner do I read this when a group of military Mexican soldiers start their hourly march below the Mexican flag. The patriotism chokes me up inside. You hear so much about patriotism in the US that it can blind you to the fact that other countries are just as proud and patriotic about their own country.
I Think I’m actually at (or at least extremely close by) one of the venues from the 1968 Summer Olympic games. If memory serves me correctly, this is where some American members of the track and field team raised their closed fists, covered with a black glove, in solidarity to protest the treatment of African Americans at this time of civil unrest in the USA.

A peaceful demonstration that caused worldwide controversy.

But back to the colorful art that originally brought my here. As I start looking around, I notice something very unique about the art displays here.

They are all made out of guns.
I believe I had read that the art here was made from Mexico City’s recent policy of reducing their military weapons in a showcase of peace over war.
It’s now been a little over a week since the Las Vegas mass shooting at a country music festival.

Perhaps we should take a lesson from Mexico City.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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