The Cenote Ik Kil was as different from the Cenote Maya as New York is from Los Angeles. You can’t even compare the two, and I recommend going to both places if you can.
Ik Kil is much larger and more designed for tourists due to being so close Chichen Ixta. Since I was going to swim in the cenote, I first went to the lady to get a locker for my stuff, and securely fastened my locker room key around my neck.
I showered, as we want to try and keep as many chemicals from lotions, deodorant etc, out of the pristine waters. It was then time to get wet.
The water was cold as I entered, but the spectacular scenery abates the chill quickly. I decide to first swim to the other side where waterfalls cascade lightly down on to those that venture to this side of the cenote.
The water is so clear it takes my breath away. As I submerge, schools of tiny black catfish are teeming below the surface.
I decide to step up the adventure to the next level, eyeing the jumping platforms of various heights built into the right side of the cenote.
I choose the middle platform first. A deep breath, a little prayer, and then….
the thrill was amazing!
I turn into a child after their first bite of candy….more, more, more!
I go to the highest platform, and jump in time and time again. 5 times, 10 times, perhaps 20 jumps in total, I lost count.
The bubbles free the poisons in my life, re-oxygenating my spirit. I am cleansed anew in this sacred and special place.
The only downside? My locker key wasn’t as secure around my neck as I thought, due to my repeated jumping.
The lady wasn’t too happy that I lost it in the cenote, and charged me twenty dollars.
Lesson learned.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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