The man looks up into the sky, the mighty cross looming over all those beneath. He has never had the need or desire for Faith before, but since the fulcrum of his life is on the downward trajectory, he finds himself open to all possibilities after his life here on Earth comes to an end.

Winding up the road, the Red Rocks of Sedona shining brilliantly in the mid-day sun, he finds a comfortable solace as he makes his way upward. He has a fleeting recollection of a biblical story that seems to be an allegory for his current state of affairs, yet the man can not recall any more details.

He enters to see the Christ figure hanging from a tree instead of the more common cross that one is used to seeing. He sits in a corner pew and finds himself in prayer. Is it ever too late to ask for forgiveness, can one suffer his whole life in hopes that in the end the darkness that has bound his heart in chains can be broken?

Hypocrisy tries to enter his mind, and the epic battle for truth begins. Does he accept his fatally flawed genetic makeup and continue to hide in the shadows and suffer in silence, or does the man try to confront his demons with the hope that Faith and forgiveness can slay the demonic thoughts from deep within?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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