I return to my beloved Rocky Mountain State, Colorado. Another trip that should have included SeaBee but didn’t. Regardless, I imbibe on the Rocky Mountain air and sway to the sweet bluegrass sounds playing at Red Rocks.

It’s mid-day on a Saturday as I walk around Evergreen Lake, watching people play on paddle boards and kayaks. Dogs are chasing sticks into the water, couples kiss along the shoreline.

It’s a perfect weekend in the Rocky Mountains. I devour a hemp burger, then make my way up the mountain to my AirBnb for the night. I open the complimentary bottle of red and watch the sun slowly move across the sky as dusk approaches.

As the sun sets, Greensky Bluegrass starts to play. The beers flow quickly, the night becomes a blur as my body swings and I try to dance to the music.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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