On morning’s first light, I rise from the confines of a warm sleeping bag and unzip the tent door. Today I will be chasing the changing light and shadows of an Autumn day in Yellowstone.

I hike a frosty trail to the summit overlooking Yellowstone lake. The steam escaping the volcanic fury deep beneath the earth creates a surreal scene. The mind escapes to mighty trolls standing guard to the underworld, their heavy breathing the cause for the hot air rising into the sky.

Canyon walls split open by Thor’s hammer let me stand on the precipice. One misstep is certain death, I hang on between the edge of this world and the next.

Taking such chances stirs a ravenous appetite within. The wide, open plains with buffalo grazing and wolves overlooking from the distant ridge suits me fine for a quick meal to rebuild sustenance. I make quick work of the morsels though, as the smell of food can bring unwelcome visitors too close for comfort.

Fishing Bridge is empty today, except for me and the schools of spawning fish below. Crystalline waters showcase just another of Nature’s marvels. I sit and listen to the occasional splash of trout in the shallows.

Afternoon has quickly past as the sun sinks closer the the lip of the earth. I find deep blue pools holding scalding water. The steam that is escaping temporarily blinds those that are near. The light breeze eventually brings clarity to both body and mind.

The Teton’s are glowing in brilliant sunset colors and the sun goes to bed behind these wondrous peaks. I find small rivers and still lakes to observe this daily ritual.

I do find, as I think most humans do, that regardless of how many times the sun may rise and set, that each and every time creates a simple stirring within us.

A reaffirmation that life goes on, the world continues to turn, and that we all will rise with the sun, at least as long as we are able.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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