It’s 9am on a Saturday. Temperature is in the low 90’s, humidity approaching 80%. A hipster in a long sleeve flannel shirt and knitted beanie, strapped with his filming devices, approaches the Botanica Gardens of Wichita.

He has the time. Existentially, don’t we all…..

Kansas is known as the Sunflower State, and this moniker is on full display. A farm woman set in bronze is forever surrounded by the simple golden beauty of these flowers.

The colorful gardens are in full bloom today, with equally magnetic butterflies swooning around your head. They dance from the pistils, making their way to the ovary, style and stigma, in the only way Nature knows.

A horny toad ironically tries to play leap frog with the hipster along the cement path. His big eyes are unwavering as the lens stares back at him.

The temperature rises over 95, and humidity is now at 100%. Mighty oak trees provide temporary shade to rest before time at the Botanica Gardens comes to a close.

Existentially though, it’s only a drop in the bucket, a momentarily hiccup in the memory of the universe, sounding off to the tune of violin strings.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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