I land at the SLC airport at eight a.m. on December the 22nd, and am picked up by my brother’s wife and kids. Holiday music is blaring out of the car radio this early Saturday morning, and we just starting singing out loud. I’m feeling more of the Holiday spirit this year than I have for quite a while.

My niece is starting a cookie decorating company, find her at @sydssweet.treats on Instagram. Her talent is amazing as I talk to her about life as she is busy finishing up her Holiday cookie gift boxes for the season.

My ex-sister in law lets me spend the night with her two daughters even though it’s her time with them. I gratefully pick them up Saturday afternoon. The are so freaking cute in their Christmas dresses. We chill for a bit before heading out to see Christmas lights at the Christmas in Color show out in South Jordan.

The truck is loaded with cotton candy, popcorn and hot chocolate as we bundle in blankets and watch the light show. It’s simply magical.

Christmas Eve is a party at my brothers In-Law’s house. It’s the time of year I get to see good friends that I’ve missed since this time last year. I score a Trump toilet brush. Let’s make toilets clean again!

We have our first Christmas a little early so two of my nieces can open some presents before they go back to their Mom’s. My parents are happy they can see them, and the joy of young kids that believe in Santa is so powerful and uplifting for us adults that may have more of a humbug, grinchy attitude.

The big day is finally upon us. More fun as my newest niece is just starting to get into the spirit of the season.

So another Christmas has come and gone. I return home, compile the memories to showcase to the world in a video, but in reality, these videos are more for me.

Something I can watch over and over again throughout the year to help me remember the family.

Until next year….

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