The weeks flew by since Thanksgiving, and just like that I find myself on the road back to Utah on Christmas Eve. It’s 5:30 a.m. and the sun is rising over the desert as I get out of town and start the long journey back for the Holidays.

The calendar has aligned itself to allow me to spend almost a week in Utah before starting to go back home. Family gathering were still limited due to the rising cases of Covid, but we all still managed to get in a fair amount of quality time together.

Another ski day with my oldest niece and only nephew.

We rented out a theater so we could all be together in a safe environment and try to enjoy one of our favorite Holiday traditions of seeing a new movie, especially since we got robbed of this over Thanksgiving.

The whole family gathered in my brother’s garage to exchange Christmas gifts. It was freezing cold, but the warmth of togetherness kept us going. My Dad broke down this time around and hugged me tightly, Covid be damned I guess. I let him, and it felt so good.

It may just be the last hug I get from him. Everyone is hopeful that things will be different next year, but one never really knows what the future has in store….

Filled with love for the moment I am.

I pack up and ready for the slow and easy journey back home. I will not be doing this drive in one day though, but over several days as I explore both old and new areas of The West.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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