I’ve been home from Alaska for almost a whole week. Having successfully survived traveling extensively during a pandemic, I felt more confident trying to resume my normal exploratory routine going forward, and so I scrambled trying to find something to do last minute for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

After some blood, sweat and tears I found what seemed to be the last accommodation available in the Vermillion Cliffs area. The open desert landscape of the Navajo Nation was exactly the setting I was looking for.

Deja-vu hits me, I’ve been to Cliff Dwellers before. In 2017 I stopped by the ruins quickly, accidentally calling the place the cave dwellers. That is the great thing about history, it remains steadfast no matter who misinterprets the story.

I stay in a refurbished home that is way too large for a single person. It certainly could have been (and most likely was at some point) lodging for a polygamous Mormon family, or a ranch house for the cowboys that worked the land years ago.

Nestled at the base of the Vermillion Cliffs, I take in the universe on full display, from the sun rising over House Rock Valley to the Milky Way shimmering along the darkness of night.

It is the perfect base camp to explore the surrounding area, from slot canyons to fishing in the Colorado river. Let another long weekend of outdoor adventures commence….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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