I return to Colossal Cave a couple of weeks after having camped here. My goal this time around was to actually enter and explore the cave itself.

All the snow that had fallen earlier is completely gone. More vaccinations have also taken place across the country, in fact I myself just had my 2nd dose. Life is feeling pretty optimistic right now, even though the park still requires masks to enter the cave. I willing oblige as we go underground.

The history of Colossal Cave, like most caves that I’ve been to, is fascinating. From being a shelter to the Hohokam Indians as far back as 900 A.D., to being a 19th century hideout for train robbers, an early goldmine of bat guano for fertilizer making people rich, to having the cave finally being completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a group created to employ those affected by the Great Depression, so that it could become the tourism destination that it is today.

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