Coronado Cave

The Coronado National Monument is an area I pass by when traveling to Bisbee or Douglas. When I heard that the Arizona Trail also traverses across this area, I went to go do some exploring myself.

The light appears to be shining at the end of the long and dark Covid tunnel. I’m fully vaccinated now, and so the mask comes off as I venture outside once again. I enter the National Monument for free, with literally no one around. As I am looking for a way to get onto the Arizona Trail, I find the Coronado Cave Trail.

The hike is relatively short, only .5 miles up to the cave entrance, according to the sign in front of me. I encounter no one on the way up, and find an unmanned and unassuming cave entrance at the end of the trail.

I do love caves, but contrary to some people’s opinions, I’m not a complete idiot. Entering a unknown cave solo would be stupid, not to mention I don’t have extra water nor any light source other than my phone. The sign at the entrance indicates that you can go down about a mile, then loop back around to the entrance.

I go just past the opening, and see how dark and ominous it truly is. Maybe one day I’ll return with someone else and we can explore more of this cave, having safety in numbers.

I head back down the trail, looking for another hike to do. I think I’ll go to Mexico.

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