I round the corner into the dark room, the lullaby of soft music hypnotizes me forward. A new world is before me, full of color and wonder.

This is my first time in an interactive art world. I let giant whales swim over my feet, chase butterflies and frogs as they flutter and hop in this mysterious universe. After a spell, I come to my senses and see the table where you can add your own design to this interactive spectacle.

I select a butterfly, and slowly add colors and shapes that will bring my little creature to life. I methodically fill in the blank canvas, concentrating on staying within the lines like a small child. With each crayon I select, I find my childhood imagination growing like a proverbial weed in the garden of my youth.

My finished work. I’ve added two hearts, one to each wing. This world needs all the love it can get. I take my butterfly over to the scanner and slowly slide my image into the interactive world. After a moment, my butterfly emerges from its cocoon, and flutters its wings as it goes out into this new world.

Within seconds though, a small girl excitedly jumps and smashes my butterfly into a colorful mess. It rises, shakes off the trampling of little feet, and starts it’s journey again, only to have a jungle frog obliterate my little creation into a million colorful stars that fade and melt into this sea of interactive nothingness.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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