So jared’s surgery on Thursday went well, and other than having to sip all food and drink thru straws, he couldn’t be better. Doctors feel more than confident they got it all, but he has a follow up appointment this Thursday.

In fact, Emily had them also check a small little lump on the side of Jared’s neck, and they went ahead and did a little cut and snip there as well. Guess they figured they might as well get everything in one session.

After Thursday’s surgery, he put up some pictures which looked pretty gruesome, but come to find out it was mostly just dried blood. Jared still looked as though he was sucker punched on Saturday, but was looking and feeling much, much better.

We topped off the day with a Utah victory over Loiusville, then a phone call from Darin that Janae had little baby Florence. heading up to see my newest niece today, with a new post and pictures to follow…

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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