Many events have occurred so far this Sept. It started out good, as Jared, Em, and I got season tickets for Utah football this year. But as I was leaving work in Ogden to head home and get ready for tailgating at the season opener, Emily calls me distraught with news that Jared just got word from his doctor that he has lip cancer. I almost plowed my car right off the road. The game turned into a group support session to help us all deal with this news. Thank God for all of our friends and family. They went to the Huntsman Institute early that next week, and he has surgery on Sept 24th. The doctors are VERY optimistic. More to come on this later….

After the football game, we decided to get away for labor day and go up to Fruitland to hang out at the cabin and make salsa ( better than sitting at home thinking the worst) it was good, relaxing therapy, and we cranked out over 100 bottles!

On Sept 12th, Mom and Dad pulled off the 3rd Founder’s day 5K in the WB to raise money for the U of U in memory of Truddles. Another successful run this year, and it was good to see everyone ( especially CJ, Jackie, Corey, and July)
Finally, Jared and Emily went to St. Louis for the week as they are training to start their own company. I volunteered to play parent to my niece and nephew. After 6 days of getting them ready for school each morning, homework and reading assignments, soccer practices and games, gymnastics, and all the other little things that a parent does for their children, I am proud to say that I ( and the kids) survived the week unscathed.
P.S. i ordered some shirts from my friends that have their own clothing line they’ve started called 7lightningbolt. I really like what they do, and their image is being represented proudly on Syd’s scooter and Cedar’s jeep.

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  1. I am so happy to see the stickers in action! YAY! Thanks for the word about 7L, too! JD will love it.

    I will be thinking the good thoughts for your friend.

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