It’s the first weekend following the US Presidential election of 2020, and the world is still awaiting the results. I decide to get out of town instead of watching the news, and try to find the Edge of the World. I figure that, depending upon the outcome, it’s the perfect place to celebrate or jump.

Officially known as East Pocket, the dirt road rumbles along for fifty some odd miles through the Ponderosa forest outside of Flagstaff. You can feel the impending winter storm in the air, but currently I still have blue skies, it’s just windy as hell.

There are no signs guiding one, you just keep driving until there is no more road. I see a couple of makeshift campgrounds, and a homemade swing blowing crazily back and forth in the wind. My first time seeing the Edge of the World landscape.

Precariously I walk to the Edge, and marvel at the scenery. The backside of the Vortex, in all of its glorious wonder, is before me.

There are no official trails out here. I walk along the rim, being careful not to stumble and go over the edge, or to let a big gust of wind push me over. I am hardly getting any phone reception, but a single text does finally reach me.

“We have a winner, its official.”

I end up not jumping over the Edge.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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