It was the winter of 2008 when I downloaded my first Black Keys song, and it was love at first listen. Dan’s voice and Patrick’s drums are the musical equivalent of manna from heaven.

In 2010, I saw them in the Aragon on New Years Day in Chicago. Easily one of the top ten nights of my life.

They are featured prominently throughout my little blog journal in many of my videos.

I plan on visiting their hometown of Akron, Ohio, just to stand in streets where they once walked.

So when I found out they would be doing their first Arena style USA tour this year, and saw they were playing in March ( right around my brother’s birthday) in Philly, I knew what my present to him would be.

18,000 people filled the Wells Fargo Center. Maker’s Mark flowed through our veins as we sang, rocked, and played air guitar and drums deep into the night.

I love the Black Keys. Here are some songs for you.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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