Wonderspaces first grabbed my attention in the Spring of 2019. A new exhibit opened later in the Summer called Elsewhere, and so, once again, I find myself immersed in the world of science and misbelief as I enter this strange and wonderful new world.

My body is still craving the feeling of constant movement from my walking journey, and takes in the energy from anything I do and converts it into endorphins that my brain devours like an addict.

Coupled with the psychedelic nature of these exhibits, I am whisked away into a new dream formed by great thinkers and madmen.

Flashing neon lights penetrate my psyche, zapping and destroying mundane thoughts and the activities of day to day life. I reach deep for greater meaning. Dark science, black matter and the scream of a million Singer machines playing for those that can relate to the madness of a clowns makeup.

The last exhibit is perhaps the most haunting. A true confessional where one writes down your deepest hidden thoughts in private, only to have them later become displayed for the world to see.

Would you dare to write down something that you can barely admit to yourself? and if you did, how would it make you feel?